Media coverage

‘Hundreds of Australian lizard species are barely known to science. Many may face extinction.’ The Conversation. 06/2021.

‘Reptiles heading for extinction’ Cosmos Magazine, 3/10/2020.

‘How Koalas Survive Forest Fires: Australia Is Global Test for Animals’. The Wall Street Journal, 06/09/2020.

‘eDNA water sampling to boost post-bushfire biodiversity analysis’ Australian Water Association, 28/08/2020.

‘eDNA sampling: Assessing the state of species in bushfire-affected areas’ Monash Lens, 08/2020.

Special episode on amphibians and reptiles, Scope (Channel Ten). 03/2018

‘Kimberley Haven’ ABC Landline, 10/09/2016.

‘Cane toad fight: Dry stretch may form natural barrier to stop incursion from north’ ABC News, 04/09/2016.

‘Genetic “Backburning” Can Stop Cane Toads’, Australasian Science, 09/2016.

‘Genetic back burning: Fighting fire with fire’ ScienceNode, 03/2016.

‘New genetic strategy proposed for stopping cane toads’ SBS, 02/2016.

‘Keeping toads out of the Pilbara’ Wildlife Australia, Vol. 95, 03/2015.

‘Newt troublemakers settle in’ Lost in Science, 10/07/2014.

‘From pet to pest: newts settle on the urban fringe’ ECOS Magazine. 09/07/2014.

‘Cane toads on the march: invasive species finds ‘ideal niche’ in Australia’ The Guardian, 01/07/2014.

‘Alarm over imported newt invasion’ SBS World News, 30/06/2014.

‘Researchers propose waterless barrier to stop cane toads in their tracks’ Rangelands NRM Newsletter, 07/2014.

‘Cane toads: buffer zone near waterways considered to prevent pests travelling south’ ABC News, 20/05/2014.

‘Halting invasive species along a sensitive corridor’ Conservation Corridor, 17/02/2014.

‘Identifying optimal barriers to halt the invasion of cane toads’ recommended by Faculty of 1000, 05/03/2013.

‘Close 100 man-made lakes to stop cane toad spread: study’ The Conversation, 14/12/2012.

‘Stopping cane toads in their tracks’ ABC Radio National, 13/12/2012.

‘Salt and the sea serpent’ Science, 30/11/2012.

‘Establishment success of introduced amphibians increases in the presence of congeneric species’  recommended by Faculty of 1000, 18/05/2011.

‘Aliens with big brains’ Conservation Magazine, 13/04/2011.

‘Invasive amphibian species upend a Darwin Idea’ The New York Times, 03/03/2011.

‘Alien amphibians challenge Darwin’s Naturalization Hypothesis’, FrogLog, Vol. 95, 03/2011, (newsletter of the IUCN Amphibian Specialist Group).

‘Frogs at home with relatives’ Nature, 16/02/2011.

‘Cane toad threat to Lake Eyre Basin’ ABC AM, 22/05/2010.

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